About Smartbit

We are team experienced to deliver development solution for various products. With proven workflow methods, years of experience, we are proud that we are able to successfully tackle small, medium and large projects. From initial idea blueprint, to production, testing and final integration deployment.

We praise ourselves with high quality of work, clean code managements, very close and open client communication, ensuring that each project we do is executed to perfection.

We love to say that it's that passion, dedication that separates us from our competition and the why our client are assured that their project is in safe hands with time delivery

Don't hesitate and get in touch, or even request a free quote.





  • We will analyze your operational obstacles and discuss how our solutions can help you succeed.
  • We really devote time into planning and understanding the project requirement. This step gives us full insight on the project scope and plan development and what's the best way to execute.
  • Our favorite step. We dive deep into development, writing the best and clean code to bring to life any idea and functionality project requires. We drink lots of coffee.
  • We test for bugs, performance and how parts of one system live and function next and with another.
  • Code and product are ready to be deployed and released for users. We then have a beer.



Controlling the flow of goods and information through the SmartBit WMS software system meets all modern business needs and standards of food safety and consumer protection.

Permanent systematic care of the quality of information in production and warehousing processes as well as in the supply chain provides users with the reliability of the accuracy of inventories, delivery and traceability of goods, as well as systematic process and workforce management.

We offer our clients a complete service of optimization and improvement of existing logistics processes as well as design and planning of information technology infrastructure. Maximum utilization of your existing solutions, cost savings and improvement of the quality of your services is a common goal of our future partner cooperation.

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Orders is field representative software that improve your salse or allow you to pick network salse representative to sales for you.

Place the optimal order in the minimum possible time, pick the goods the customer wants, showcase new products and expand your customer base.

Collect goods orders on mobile devices and sync it up with your ERP or use them trouh orders dashboard.

Manage and track your representative.

Connect yor ERP system to Orders.

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Pick by vision

Google glass is Wearable a hands-free device that with our software solution perfectly suit in warehouse logistic or manufacturing.

You already own WMS/ERP ? Using our interfece you can connect Smartbit Pick by vison to your solution and deliver orders to smartglasses in realtime.

Complex algorithms for creating a picking order and determining the route of the picker movement result in a simple and efficient picking process. The worker is completely guided by a real-time software system. Such an approach was transferred to the "pick by vision" solution. In the process of commissioning, the worker receive audio-visual instructions from which location and transport unit it is necessary to separate the goods, with both hands free and with the task always in sight.

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We are really proud !
300 k Active users  •  75,000 + Fitness businesses powered by Trainerize  •  100 k User connected fitness apps  •  25,000 Workouts completed daily.

Trainerize is a fitness club software that allows you to engage and retain your members through online fitness programs, small group training, messaging and more.

Leave behind the status quo and take your fitness business or club online. By adding online personal training to your services, you'll be tapping into new and rapidly-growing revenue streams and redefining the way you train with flexible options for online, in-person and hybrid training.

Get your clients or members hooked on the personal training experience. Deliver custom or group programs and nutrition plans right to your clients or members' phones—then track their progress in real time. In-app messaging lets you build communities, celebrate, and engage with clients and members.

With Trainerize, you're connected to the world's most powerful tools for fitness and business.


Contact: office@smartbit.rs +381 62 466 185