Smartbit Pick By Vision

Visual guided picking with audio support
Google glass

Google Glass is a portable device that, with our software solution, finds ideal application in logistics. In our effort to improve the picking process, we have developed a solution that enhances worker efficiency in warehouses or manufacturing processes.

If you are not our customer and already have a WMS/ERP, with the help of our Smartbit Pick by Vision interface, the solution can be integrated with any WMS or other software solution. Our team has developed an interface through which you can deliver orders to operators wearing smart glasses.

Google glass - WMS picking

Time savings

Simple and short training ensures easier hiring of new personnel and mitigates workforce turnover.

Fewer errors

Better focus without cognitive interruptions and distractions during task execution.

Hands-free operation

Ideal application in specific work environments, working from heights, handling small parts, frequent interaction with software.
Google glass - Smartbit WMS picking

Task in sight

Complex algorithms for creating picking orders and determining the route of pickers result in a simple and efficient picking process. The worker is fully guided by the software system in real-time. This approach has been transferred to the "Pick by Vision" solution. During picking, the worker receives audio-visual instructions on which location and transport unit to separate the goods from, while having both hands free and the task always in sight.

Pick by Light

Isolatedly, the pick by light picking system achieves the best results in speed. Within its operating zone, the picker receives visual instructions at the exact separation point. Implementation and costs of this system are high, and the operating zone is narrow. Mobility or system relocation entails additional high costs.

Pick by Voice Only

The positive aspect of this system is that both hands of the picker are free. However, drawbacks include the length of command duration, operation in noisy environments, the need for high concentration over extended periods, and longer training periods.

Pick by PDA

Mobile computers with built-in scanners satisfy all process needs in modern warehouse systems. What stands out as the main disadvantage is their robustness and the fact that they occupy the picker's hands. This causes the worker to divert attention from the task, disrupts focus, and creates cognitive interruptions, potentially leading to errors.

How to choose a solution?

Every company is unique. In collaboration with you, after defining the project task and detailed analysis, we will provide you with the best guidelines on how to choose the most optimal solution.
Google glass - Picking
Qualcomm Quad Core, 1.7GHz, 10nm
Memory & Storage
3GB LPDDR4 / 32GB eMMC Flash
802.11ac, dual-band, single antenna
Bluetooth 5.x AoA
8Mp, 80 DFOV
640x360 Optical Display Module
Audio out
Mono Speaker, USB audio, BT audio
3 beam-forming microphones
Multi-touch gesture touchpad
Charging & Data
USB Type-C, USB 2.0 480Mbps
820mAh with fast charge
Single 6-axis Accel/Gyro, single 3-axis Mag
Power-saving features
On head detection sensor, and Eye-on screen sensor
Water and dust resistant
~46g (pod)